Osceola, MO Low Income Housing

Osceola, MO Low Income Housing

We list 1 Low Income Apartment complex in or near Osceola, MO

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1. Privately owned subsidized housing apartments.
2. Public Housing apartments. These are owned by the state. They are affordable rentals for families who are low income, seniors, or disabled. We list the local housing authorities. They may have information on how to help you with your rental payments.
3. Housing Choice Voucher aka Section 8 listings. Contact your public housing authority to apply. Note: Most of these Section 8 lists are closed or have extended waiting lists.

We display monthly rates for the apartments when possible. Most of subsidized apartments base the rent on income, therefore, you will need to contact the apartment directly for rates. We list all pertinent contact information.

Less than 1/4 of all HUD eligible households receive housing due to the current shortage of available housing. 2013 Harvard's Joint Center for Housing

There is 1 Affordable Apartment Complex in or near Osceola, MO

Osceola MO Housing Authority - Osceola

Osceola, MO - 64776
(417) 646-8019
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Apartment Costs (user reports): 350 - 400
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Are Utilities included in rent? (user reports): Water and some electric
electric and water
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osceola mo housing authority offers housing options to those in need in the area that qualify. Housing assistance is provided through the management of programs like low rent public housing apartments, if you live in the area ans are in need of housi

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